The Tiny 3x3 Piston Door [Redstone Tutorial] by Mumbo Jumbo

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Airbnb introduces the Bélo: the story of a symbol of belonging by Airbnb

At Airbnb, we imagine a world where you can belong anywhere. Introducing the Bélo. See more at

20,000 Days on Earth Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Nick Cave Docudrama HD by Film Festivals and Indie Films

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: 20,000 Days on Earth Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Nick Cave Docudrama HD Writer and musician Nick Cave marks his 20,000th day on the planet Earth. writer musician “nick cave” earth planet alive days life live “daily life” “slice of life” “life in a day” “20000 Days on Earth” “20000 Days on Earth movie” “20000 Days on Earth trailer” jslewis “Jane Pollard” “Iain Forsyth” “Warren Ellis” “Ray Winstone” “Kylie Minogue” 20k 20000

Slo-Mo Bird Bomb by Xander Brody

This video shows my angry birds flying off are patio…Literally!

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View more #7x7s at 1) Taking a detour through LACMA on our way to the Tar Pits. 2) Taking about Mars Attacks and Independence Day at Fry’s. 3) Gino surprised me with these trinkets from Maine. 4) Xander and Taylor hanging out with Ender. 5) Pillow fights always end in uncontrollable giggling. 6) Laying out under the willow tree in-front of the library. 7) Hiking around Runyon - the sunsets lately have been unbelievably pretty.

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View more #7x7s at 1) JD and Erica looking over medium-format negatives. 2) Xander using Erica as a lego race-track before bedtime. 3) Ender enjoying a strawberry. 4) Exploring at the Griffith Observatory with JD. 5) Waiting for the fireworks to start - sadly, our usual spot behind the Hollywood Bowl was closed off this year. 6) Waiting for In & Out. 7) We went on a mission to find the bunny a pinecone in the Angeles National Forest - Xander found one that was a little too big, but still, it was a great find.

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View more #7x7s at 1) Running around in LACMA. 2) Ender loves flowers. 3) Xander and Dylan facetiming about Minecraft. 4) Erica giving me a much needed haircut. 5) Took the team in for another tour of Spectral. 6) Erica breakdancing to Xander’s DJ mix. 7) Xander typing up a short story while Ender keeps watch.

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View more #7x7s at 1) Dropped by the animal shelter on Father’s Day - where we met and adopted Ender! I’d been talking about getting a bunny for years. 2) Meeting Ani for the first time in Santa Monica. 3) Picking up Xander and Rachel at LAX. Summer begins! 4) Reading his birthday card - which also started off his city-wide 10th birthday treasure hunt. 5) Making a wish. 6) Erica and Rachel ran into Hugo from LOST - and Rachel got a hug. 7) Taking Xander to pick up one of his treasure-hunt birthday surprises at House of Secrets.

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View more #7x7s at 1) Enjoying a post-work sunset from the parking garage… Gino making Lion King references. 2) Hanging out with Rigo. 3) Enjoying the new Inventions LP. 4) Checking the sound files for FTOM - everything checked out! 5) Heading back with Elena after lunch in Santa Monica. 6) BLANK winning best-animated short film. 7) Taking Maeby for a walk along the LA river just before sunset.

Gastronomic Orgy: Warren Harding Semper Farcissimus — Brave New Wild Teaser by OakleyLouise

A peak into the feature film! Brave New Wild will be screening at the 23rd annual Woods Hole Film Festival on July 26th, at 7pm. Get your tickets: More info at

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