Julianna Barwick - Envelop by Tsoublication

Wonderful music from Julianna Barwick. Album: “The magic place” Date of release: Feb 21, 2011. Enjoy! :)

SXSW 2011 Julianna Barwick Tiny SXSW Concert by gillispiepaint

A Conversation with Julianna Barwick by William Haun

Asthmatic Kitty artist Julianna Barwick talks to TheBlueIndian.com about the process of making her “looped choral arrangements” and discusses her upcoming album THE MAGIC PLACE. The album will be available online and in stores February 22, 2011. You can pre-order it at http://ift.tt/PqBK8h Interview & Concert Video Footage by William Haun, www.whaun.com

Rod Serling speaking at UCLA 5/17/1971 by UCLACommStudies

From the archives of the UCLA Communications Studies Department. Digitized 2013. The views and ideas expressed in these videos are not necessarily shared by the University of California, or by the UCLA Communication Studies Department.

Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures - Notes From All Over - The New Yorker by New Yorker Video

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests, wind-powered sculptures that walk on the beach. Watch The New Yorker on The Scene: http://thescene.com Subscribe to the all-new The New Yorker channel here: http://ift.tt/WzGcGl Visit The New Yorker channel for more video: http://ift.tt/1vksnIb Visit The New Yorker website more: http://ift.tt/1tXKXnt Connect with The New Yorker Magazine Online: Visit The New Yorker.com: http://ift.tt/mSJ9pk Follow The New Yorker on Facebook: http://ift.tt/RQ1xFe Follow The New Yorker on Google+: http://ift.tt/1n4GdhU Follow The New Yorker on Twitter: http://ift.tt/1borxk2 Follow The New Yorker on Instagram: http://ift.tt/15IFSpZ Follow The New Yorker on Pinterest: http://ift.tt/1vksqDK Follow The New Yorker on Tumblr: http://ift.tt/xnTptt Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures - Notes From All Over - The New Yorker Producer: Kristina Budelis

Glen Keane - The Duet by everythinganimated

Short film “The Duet” directed by Glen Keane for Google I do not own any part of this video but was so incredibly amazing that it needed to be shared. For more amazing short animations like this: http://ift.tt/1q2tvkG

Rod Serling talks about Writing for Television (Part 1) by Dee Ellus

Informative for you Aspiring Writers out there. Rod Serling is one of my most inspiring characters of all time

Edge of Tomorrow: Behind the Scenes (Complete Broll) Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt by ScreenSlam

For more movie news, stories and videos visit: http://ift.tt/1b78bSi

Maker Profile - Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television by Make:

Reuben Margolin, a Bay Area visionary and longtime maker, creates totally singular techno-kinetic wave sculptures. Using everything from wood to cardboard to found and salvaged objects, Reubens artwork is diverse, with sculptures ranging from tiny to looming, motorized to hand-cranked. Focusing on natural elements like a discrete water droplet or a powerful ocean eddy, his work is elegant and hypnotic. Also, learn how ocean waves can power our future. Learn more about Reuben at http://ift.tt/SWtpoX

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